Derek Bradley :Problems of Jet Flames in Cross Flows

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Derek Bradley, 英国皇家科学院院士

工作单位Leeds University



Professor Derek Bradley received his PhD degree from Leeds University. Now he serves as a Research Professor In Leeds University. He was elected as Fellow of the Royal Society in 1988 and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1998. He was the Former Editor of "Combustion and Flame" in 1986-2000, and Former Member of Editorial Boards of "Progress in Energy and Combustion Science", Proceedings of the Royal Society (Series A), "Combustion Science and Technology". He is one of the Founders of the International Seminars on Fire and Explosion Hazards.

He is an academic engineer with substantial practical experience of combustion. Known for his work on instabilities of laminar flames, effects of turbulence on burning rates, origins of auto-ignition and transitions to detonations, he has worked with oil, automotive, and gas turbine companies to develop fuels, engines and turbines with improved efficiencies and reduced carbon dioxide and noxious emissions. Derek has conducted consultancies on the British Gas Canvey Island LNG Terminal, the Airbus Concorde fire and the Buncefield Major Incident Investigation, amongst other incidents.

Derek’s honors include the 1992 Alfred C. Egerton Medal of the Combustion Institute for his distinguished contributions to the field of combustion. He received the Huw Edwards Prize of the Institute of Physics and is a triple recipient of the Sugden Prize of the Combustion Institute’s British Section. He was also awarded the Gelfand Medal for promoting scientific cooperation with the Institute’s Russian Section.